Sample additional highlights for existing Mathematica users
(Except as noted, all features are available for both desktop and cloud.)

Filling out Big Math

Symbolic PDEs, integral equations, Green's functions... »

Long awaited, and building on a huge tower of algorithmic functionality

Eigenvalue problems for differential equations »

Symbolic and numeric eigenvalue problems: Helmholtz, Schrödinger, etc.

GOE, GUE...: Random matrices of all kinds »

Full support for random matrices and their statistical properties

Algorithmic Conveniences

Just do arithmetic—with time series »

Add, divide, etc. time series, with regular or irregular sampling

Mixed-radix numbers »

Feet and inches, dollars and cents: handle mixed-radix numbers

Know the data boundaries... »

CoordinateBounds computes min and max for every dimension in data

Statistical distributions can have units »

Statistical distributions can give quantities, with all the correct units

DistanceMatrix for pairwise distances »

Distances between geo points, dates, strings, images...

Graphics Conveniences

Turtles all the way down »

AnglePath provides industrial-strength, Logo-like paths

Instantly polar, spherical... »

FromPolarCoordinates etc. for instant conversion to and from polar coordinates

Automatic icons from A New Kind of Science, and beyond »

RulePlot automatically displays rules and evolutions for cellular automata etc. in many formats

More, Better Visualization

Label anything with callouts »

Automatically placed callouts let you label points, lines, curves...

The slice family of plots »

See inside 3D regions with six kinds of slice plots

Local clip planes for cutaways etc. »

ClipPlanes becomes a style for any 3D object

Word clouds, timelines... »

Visualize with super-flexible word clouds, timelines, etc.

Reversed, reciprocal, scaled, etc. axes »

Set up any transformation of axis ticks you want

Graphs, gauges and meshes get themed »

PlotTheme instantly switches between different visual themes for Graph etc.

For Math Classes

Don't join across the singularities... »

Exact exclusions for all plots (2D, 3D...)

Polygonal numbers  »

Instant triangular, square, etc. numbers

Derivatives by hand... »

DifferenceQuotient to approximate Ε-Δ and all that

Plot over any region »

However you define a region, you can plot only over that region

Roman numerals  »

Want to do math like it was done 2,000 years ago?

Taking 3D Printing Seriously

Fix up geometry so you can print it »

RepairMesh to fix those little glitches in 3D geometry

Print that 3D plot! »

Automatic pipeline from a 3D plot of functions or data, to a printed 3D object

Just print it... in 3D »

Instant connections to 3D printers and 3D printing services

Print that bone! »

Go from a 3D scan (or built-in AnatomyData) to a 3D-printed object, such as a bone

Chemicals, knots, polyhedra, terrain... »

Immediately printable 3D geometries

Notebooks Look Different!

Elegant code fonts »

Courier is finally gone, even on the desktop, replaced by an elegant sans-serif code font

Real-time spellchecking »

Spellchecking with extended dictionaries as you type in 25+ languages (desktop version)

Yet more autocompletion »

Want to know possible option values, or entity properties? Just start typing...

Stack trace for any message »

New message display lets you immediately find out where a message was generated

Highlighting for initialization cells »

In a notebook, Ctrl + 8 now immediately makes an initialization cell, indicated with a gray background

Copyable web documentation

Examples from web documentation are live when they're copied, even on the desktop

Streamlined package editor »

Edit your code in a full-function notebook; get it saved as Get[]able plain text

Nice New Programming Features

Simple Table doesn't need braces »

Table[x, n] makes n copies of x; it doesn't need to Table[x,{n}]

The mighty Nothing »

Replace an element of a string with Nothing—and it'll just disappear

Just wrap Echo in to print a result »

Echo prints, but then returns what it printed, so you can slip it into code anywhere

Avoid special-casing using UpTo »

Take[{a,b,c}, UpTo[5]] just works; no conditional needed

The this-that family

MinMax, TakeDrop, AbsArg: single functions to make output pairs

Just do it Once »

Once lets you give code to be run only once per session

Not just Range, but Subdivide »

Make a list of n numbers from 0 to 1, etc.

Pattern matching for associations »

Put patterns anywhere in associations, with correct orderless matching etc.

Accurate timing, even when it's short »

RepeatedTiming automatically repeats faster operations and averages the times they take

Even More Functional Programming

Fold with history »

SequenceFold lets you fold in any number of previous elements

TakeLargest, TakeLargestBy... »

Get the n largest, smallest, etc. elements in a list

Nest to make a network »

Create a graph by iteratively nesting a function

The Sequence family »

SequencePosition, SequenceCount, etc.: look for sequences directly in lists

BlockMap »

Map functions that take blocks rather than single elements

Tree it out »

Groupings generates possible trees containing particular elements

More with Text & Natural Language

More string-testing functions

StringContainsQ, StringStartsQ, PalindromeQ...

Big lists of words »

WordList for words of different types (common, verbs, etc.) in 27 languages

Find the words, sentences, etc. »

TextWords, TextSentences, etc. to get lists of words, sentences, etc. in a string

Define that word! »

WordDefinition for direct access to word definitions

Diagram that sentence! »

Full sentence parsing into trees of clauses, phrases, etc.

Interpreter for structured data »

CompoundElement, RepeatingElement, etc. for interpreting structured data

Programmable Linguistic Interface »

Deploy arbitrary grammars containing built-in NLU elements

Everything's Gone Multilingual

Multilingual code captions »

Annotate code in real time with function explanations in a dozen languages

Transliteration for anything »

Transliterate from Chinese, Russian, whatever, to any writing script

ASCIIfy things »

RemoveDiacritics to remove diacritical marks

OCR beyond English »

TextRecognize now supports 60 languages


Driving distances »

Use TravelDistance to find actual driving distances, not just geodesic distances

Historical country maps »

Sequences of border maps for the histories of 1,000+ countries

Satellite images »

Tiles for up to zoom level 11 for Earth (as well as for the Moon, Mars, Pluto, etc.)

Data Gets Bigger and Bigger

Dated entities and properties »

Ask for values at particular dates using Dated

Define your own entities »

EntityStore to let you specify your own entities, properties and values

Wolfram Data Repository »

Core support for instantly accessible large-scale external data

Implicit entities »

The largest five countries, the densest metal, etc., all symbolically specified

Accumulate data from anywhere in the Wolfram Data Drop »

Use a dozen different methods to get data into databins in the cloud

New automatic layout for Dataset »

Any shape, any depth, automatically formatted—with scrolling and drilldown


Serious large-scale audio »

Support for processing hour-long audio files, visualizing them, etc.

Audio is to Sound as Image is to Graphics »

Directly manipulate audio displayed in notebooks

Still More with Images

Images can be much bigger »

DynamicImage lets you keep an image on disk, and zoom and pan in it

Stylish highlighting in images »

Static and dynamic highlighting of points, curves and areas in images

From images to computable meshes... »

ImageMesh converts from any binary 2D or 3D image to the corresponding mesh region

Automatically read metadata from images »

Automatically extract dates, times, etc. from Exif, XMP, IPTC

Machine Learning & AI

What is that a picture of? »

ImageIdentify etc. to recognize 10,000 kinds of objects

Say what features to look at »

FeatureExtractor option to specify how to extract features for Classify etc.

Symbolic neural networks »

Construct and train full neural networks using CPUs and GPUs

Clustering for anything »

Machine learning-based clustering for data, images, text, etc., making trees, dendrograms, etc.

More in the Knowledgebase

Wikipedia is built in »

Immediately pull in material from Wikipedia articles

Know thyself's functions »

WolframLanguageData for detailed information about the functions of the Wolfram Language

Weather forecasts »

Forecasts as well as historical weather data

Extending the Systems-Level Infrastructure

Publish-subscribe comes to the Wolfram Language »

Flexible channel framework for communication between anything, into notebooks, etc.

Parallelize over directories of files »

FileSystemMap to map operations over nested directories

Persistent local object storage »

LocalObject, LocalCache, etc. to store, cache, etc. anything locally

Raw binary byte arrays »

Store data directly in binary form

WolframScript for everything from the shell »

Call code, APIs and functions with local or cloud kernels right from the command line

Persistent mutable expressions in the cloud »

CloudExpression to put expressions into the cloud that can be modified anytime

Connect to sockets »

Communicate through sockets just like through files

Cloud access through permissions keys »

Set up cloud objects so anyone with a key can access them

Web Interaction

Much fancier web forms »

Multipage, extensible, recyclable, etc. forms, with more kinds of controls

Handle your own URL dispatching »

URLDispatcher lets you symbolically define rules for different URLs

Get it asynchronously

URLSubmit and HandlerFunctions for asynchronous URL reading

Web deployed back-and-forth conversations »

Use AskFunction to set up arbitrary logic for user interactions ("interviews", "wizards"...)

The whole cookie store »

Detailed symbolic handling of getting, setting and storing cookies

APIs by mail »

Automatically execute code based on the receipt of email

Symbolic HTTP requests »

HTTPRequest to represent any HTTP request in a convenient symbolic form

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