New in Mathematica 9

Advanced Image Processing with Large Image Support

Mathematica 9 adds many more capabilities to analyze and process two- and three-dimensional images using highly optimized algorithms. Introduction of the interactive Image Assistant, Suggestions Bar, and many more user assistance features helps solve real-world image processing applications, including image classification, feature detection, restoration—all more easily and faster than before.

  • Efficient built-in representation of 3D volumes. »
  • 3D implementation of many standard image processing algorithms. »
  • Out-of-core processing of large images and 3D volumes. »
  • Comprehensive color support using CIE color profiles. »
  • Support for storing metadata in images including EXIF data. »
  • Tracking feature points in a sequence of images. »
  • Advanced image processing algorithms including face detection. »
  • Histogram transformations for equalization and histogram matching.
  • Variety of image distances used for image comparison, classification, and alignment. »
  • Elaborate user support provided by the Image Assistant and Suggestions Bar. »
  • Integration of the IPP library into many image processing functions for speed improvements.
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