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Extended Graphics Language

Mathematica 6 further extends Mathematica's powerful 2D and 3D symbolic graphics language, adding a variety of new general primitives, including general support for transparency, general insetting of graphics or other objects in graphics, arbitrary affine transformations, arbitrary symbolic complexes of graphics primitives, as well as editability, controllability and dynamic annotation.
  • General support for arbitrary arrow-like constructs.
  • Transparency and smooth color gradients in 2D and 3D.
  • Built-in efficient sphere and cylinder primitives.
  • Arbitrary insetting of graphics, flowing typeset text, user interface elements, etc. into graphics.
  • Support for general color blending and symbolic colors, as well as an extensive collection of predefined color schemes.
  • Immediate symbolic specification of rotation, translation, scaling and general affine transformations.
  • More detailed control of graphics clipping, padding, etc.
  • Full integration of all graphics with dynamic interactivity.