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Integrated Programmatic Email

Mathematica 7 broadens Mathematica's support for automatic report generation and system automation by allowing the immediate sending of email from within any Mathematica program. Mathematica makes it straightforward to construct any form of email, including graphics, sounds and other attachments, and to manage recipients and other lists programmatically. Mathematica provides a uniform interface to email on all platforms, transparently handling configuration and authentication.
  • Use a single function on all platforms to send email from within Mathematica. »
  • Email Mathematica expressions, graphics, and sound as inline attachments.
  • Programmatically send email in any supported format, including spreadsheets.
  • Programmatically generate and email reports.
  • Have Mathematica send you an SMS message when an evaluation has finished.
  • Send email through a secure SSL connection to your mail server.
  • Interactively review and override SSL certificate trust decisions.
  • Supports programmatic or interactive password authentication.
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