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Speech Output

Mathematica 7 adds the ability to produce spoken output, not only for strings of text, but also for mathematical expressions, programs and diagrammatic graphics. With a large collection of flexible heuristics developed and tuned at Wolfram Research, Mathematica for the first time reaches and sometimes exceeds human levels in optimizing its spoken output for naturalness and maximal understandability of both small and large expressions.
  • Natural-sounding spoken representations capturing extensive expert knowledge. »
  • Speech output based on semantic decomposition of symbolic expressions.
  • Full vocabulary of traditional mathematical forms ("x squared", "x cubed", etc.).
  • Automatic extraction and denotation of common subexpressions.
  • Spoken output of special and mathematical characters.
  • Speech rhythm automatically added to enhance subexpression understandability.
  • Spoken representation of arbitrary Mathematica programs.
  • Automatic spoken description of vector and diagrammatic graphics.
  • Generate spoken output under program control.
  • Generate textual forms of spoken output. »
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