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Global Optimization 10

New in 10.0

Stepwise regression, multi-model regression, logistic regression, and improved solution of tough problems.

Reliable Global Optimization for Constrained and Unconstrained Nonlinear Functions

Mathematica 10 compatible Global Optimization is a collection of functions for constrained and unconstrained global nonlinear optimization. Any function computable by Mathematica can be used as input, including the degree of fit of a model against data, black-box functions, finance models, wavy functions with local minima, time-series models, and DEQ models. It can solve problems that the built-in Mathematica functions and other packages do not solve. New in Global Optimization 10 is support for binary variables (MIP problems) and improved solution of tough problems. In use since 1998, the package is well tested by a worldwide community of users.

The tools in Global Optimization are able to solve some of the most challenging optimization problems, including 10,000 variable problems. The package utilizes the parallel computing capabilities of Mathematica 7 or later to greatly reduce run times. Global Optimization can solve problems where the initial search region is complex. It is a cost-effective tool for reliable problem solution.

About the Developer

Dr. Craig Loehle is the founder and president of Loehle Enterprises, which develops and markets software and also offers consulting on modeling and statistics, including app development. He is a research scientist with 5 books and over 140 publications in applied mathematics and ecology, on topics that include statistical models, optimization, simulation, classification, fractals, and wavelets.

Consulting Services

Loehle Enterprises provides consulting services for large and small projects. Scientific, engineering, and financial models are developed or fit to data. Apps can be developed for CDF, Mathematica, or Visual Basic. Simulation and DEQ models are a specialty. Loehle Enterprises has been providing consulting services for 17 years to many clients including the EPA, a big 5 accounting firm, oil companies, and engineering firms, and takes pride in satisfied and repeat customers.

Product Support

Global Optimization is developed and supported by Loehle Enterprises. Registered users can contact the developer for updates.

Loehle Enterprises
1258 Windemere Avenue
Naperville, IL 60564
email: info@loehleenterprises.com

Global Optimization 10.0 requires Mathematica 7 or later and is compatible with all supported Mathematica platforms.

Note: Contact the developer for upgrade or trial information.