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Optica SE

A New-Generation System for Designing and Analyzing Customized Optic Systems

Mathematica 13 compatible Optica SE Optica SE is a new generation of optical design software. It offers unprecedented flexibility and builds upon the enormous repertoire of symbolic, numeric and graphic capabilities in Mathematica. With its searchable component database of more than 6,800 commercial optical parts, you can design optical systems faster than ever before. Yet Optica SE does not limit you to predefined components, nor constrain you by limited script languages.

Optica SE has a modular building-block architecture that makes addition of custom components a snap. Aspheric lenses, custom surfaces, resonating cavities and optical fibers represent just a few of the possibilities, from mundane to exotic. Optica SE is limited only by your imagination and the vast possibilities of Mathematica. If a component or analysis function doesn't exist in Optica SE, you have the tools to build it yourself. The simple building-block architecture of Optica SE also makes it easy to learn.

The power of Optica SE lies not only in the components of optical systems, but also in the rays themselves. These are full-fledged system objects in their own right. You can tag specific rays with descriptive labels and follow them through a complex system. Optical ray tracing can be sequential or non-sequential. The ray-tracing engine can even perform traces with arbitrary precision, beyond standard machine precision.

Here is just a bit of what you'll find in Optica's vast library of predefined elements:

  • 122 optical components
  • 38 lenses
  • 23 mirrors
  • 22 prisms
  • 12 light sources
  • 22 high-level functions

About the Developer

Donald Barnhart has been developing optical design and analysis software in Mathematica since 1991. In 1994, while working on his master's degree, he developed the world's first successful holographic instrument to measure three-dimensional velocity fields in fluids. He completed his PhD in 2001 at Loughborough University in England.

Product Support

Optica SE is developed and supported by Dr. Donald Barnhart.

Dr. Donald Barnhart
Optica Software
Division of Barnhart Optical Research
4679 Torrey Circle Apt 204
San Diego, CA 92130
phone: +1-217-418-3469
email: support@opticasoftware.com

Optica SE requires Mathematica 10 or greater and is compatible with all Mathematica platforms.

Copyright Optica Software, Barnhart Optical Research LLC

Note: Optica SE is available for sale through Wolfram Research in the US and Canada only. For international orders, please contact Optica Software.