Statistical Inference Package
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Statistical Inference Package 1.1

Application-Oriented Statistical Inference

Statistical Inference Package Mathematica 8 
compatibleStatistical Inference Package makes it easy for you to do classical likelihood-based statistical inference.

Key Features

  • Profile-likelihood-based confidence intervals for general parametric functions
  • Large collection of statistical distributions and models
  • Automatic handling of censored data
  • Generalized regression models
  • Likelihood ratio test for general parametric hypotheses

The package contains a large collection of discrete and absolutely continuous univariate and multivariate distributions. You can form complicated models from simpler ones. Statistical Inference Package provides many sophisticated statistical regression models, such as univariate/multivariate-linear/nonlinear, logistic, Poisson, multinomial, and more. It uses a new method for calculating profile-likelihood-based confidence intervals for general parametric functions in general parametric statistical models.

In addition to the statistical analysis procedures, Statistical Inference Package provides easy access to Mathematica's powerful tools for doing mathematics, graphics, programming, and presentations.

About the Developer

Dr. Esa Uusipaikka is a professor of statistics at the University of Turku in Finland, from which he also received his PhD. He has published several articles on statistical inference.

Product Support

Statistical Inference Package is developed and supported by Dr. Esa Uusipaikka.

Dr. Esa Uusipaikka
Torppamaankatu 13-15 as 4
FIN-21120 Raisio
phone: +358-(0)40-560-3436
email: support@statisticalinference.com
web: http://www.statisticalinference.com

Statistical Inference Package 1.1 requires Mathematica 6, 7, or 8 and is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Statistical Inference Package is © 2006-2011 Dr. Esa Uusipaikka.