Manage and Deploy Projects

Project-Based Workflow

Wolfram Workbench allows you to group your application and all associated resources, such as test files, in a single container called a project. Many different types of resources are supported, including Mathematica source code and notebooks, Java classes and libraries, and Database connection information for DatabaseLink.

There are a range of tools for working with resources. Mathematica pattern-based searching and browsing tools, along with fast find for packages or functions, makes navigating your code easier and faster than ever.

Manage Projects

Project Deployment

Using the Workbench export wizards, you can deploy your projects locally, or package them for delivery. All content types are supported, including documentation, ensuring that you deploy your latest development work.

Project Export

Version Control

Version control of projects is an essential aspect of modern software development. Workbench provides a full-featured CVS client, and easy installation and support for Subversion and other version control systems, without the need to install and configure any additional tools on your system.

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