Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

Quantum Circuits

Take advantage of a symbolic representation of quantum gates, quantum operators, measurement operators and more to compose quantum algorithms. Start from scratch or use any of the named gates available to design, visualize and simulate quantum circuits.

Time Evolution

Use time-evolution functionalities to study the continuous transformation of the quantum objects over time, symbolically or numerically, under different scenarios.

Compute Distances and Entanglements

Compute various distances between quantum states. Quantify and characterize entanglement in quantum states.

Symbolic Quantum Computation

Perform symbolic calculations involving a wide range of quantum entities and processes, including quantum states, operators, unitary transformations, quantum channels, and quantum measurements. Access a comprehensive library of commonly used and named quantum objects with ease.

Rich Visualization Capabilities

Generate visual representations of quantum states, circuits, and measurements using built-in graphical tools, which include circuit diagrams, Bloch sphere plots and more.

Interoperability with external quantum platforms

Interact directly with various quantum platforms, submit queries, and compare experimental data with predictions of quantum theory.