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The Wolfram Solution for Game Design, Special Effects and Generative Art

Move ideas and algorithms from artistic concepts or graphics research to computer games and special effects, rapidly prototype and validate models and instantly visualize your results—all in one system, with one integrated workflow.

The Wolfram solution for game design, special effects and generative art provides a uniquely flexible framework for creating realistic games and animations using high-precision physics, advanced 2D and 3D graphics primitives, artistic color schemes and built-in geometric art entities.

  • The Wolfram Edge
  • How Wolfram Compares
  • Key Capabilities

Wolfram technologies include thousands of built-in functions and curated data on many topics that let you:

  • Prototype and produce video games
  • Simulate deformation, bending, fracture and more for computer games and animations
  • Model and solve geometric constraints for programming game physics
  • Create original algorithmic art, including shapes, patterns and backdrops
  • Generate polyhedra-based geometric surfaces and other forms
  • Design mathematically inspired sculptures, jewelry, music and more
  • Illustrate books and magazines
  • Use for pattern and textile design, including clothing, wallpapers and gift wraps
  • Create logos, design elements and fine art prints
  • Animate graphics, objects and mathematical functions for videos and movies
  • Study and teach digital art
  • Simulate the paper-folding steps of origami figures
Creating computer animations powered by symbolic math
Mathematica-generated patterns on garments at a runway and at a department store in Tokyo

Does your current tool set have these advantages?

  • Simulate computer animations using real-world physics calculations
  • Create sophisticated computer graphics, animations or algorithmic art, with a minimal amount of code
    Flash, Java, C/C++ and other systems require extensive coding for anything beyond basic functions
  • Easily export your work at any size and resolution in a wide range of formats, including Flash and all standard 3D-printable file types
  • Automatic interface construction with a single command allows you to explore your art work by instantly varying shapes, colors, functions and other settings
    Unique to Wolfram technologies
  • Cross-platform development environment
    Python-based applications like NodeBox work on macOS only
  • Complete built-in database of named knots, polyhedra and other entities with all geometric and other properties
    Unique to Wolfram technologies
  • Instantly share your work with anybody using the free Wolfram Player or webMathematica
  • Generate and visualize free-form drawings, algorithmic art and animations in one system
Using easy-to-build interactivity to arrive at the final art form
Closing the loop on prototyping, testing and validation of video games and special effects

The Wolfram Language includes thousands of built-in functions for computation, modeling, visualization, development and deployment »

Game design, special effects and generative art specific capabilities:

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