Graphics & Visualization

Enhanced 2D and 3D Graphics

2D and 3D graphics look better than ever with new features like texture mapping of polygons and other graphics objects and fast 3D rendering for transparent objects. Mathematica 8 also adds new curve primitives, enhanced arrows, and more.

  • Textures for 2D and 3D polygons and filled graphics objects with full hardware acceleration. »
  • Use any Mathematica expression as texture, including dynamic objects and webcam videos. »
  • Built-in gallery of example texture data. »
  • Texture mapping support for many visualization functions. »
  • New 2D graphics primitives for joined curves and filled curves. »
  • Import and export curves as their native forms without discretizing. »
  • Import fonts in PDF files as outline curves and filled curves. »
  • Curved arrows specified by Bézier and B-spline curves in 2D or 3D. »
  • Apply multiple geometric transformations to a single object for efficiency. »
  • Fast 3D rendering for graphics with transparency. »
Textures on Visualization Functions »Textures on Parametric Surfaces »Built-in Texture Example Data »
Creating Realistic 3D Scenes Using Textures »Dynamic Textures on Graphics Primitives »Real-Time Webcam Video as Texture »
Volumetric Rendering Using 3D Textures »Extracting Outline Curves from a Glyph »Curved Arrows with Dynamic Arrowhead Positions »
Various Text Effects Using Filled Curves »Custom Arrowheads on Curved Arrows »Multiple Geometric Transformations on an Object »
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