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Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

Startup Grants

Wolfram offers technology grants to startup companies to help you move from ideas to implementation. Whether you have a great idea for an app or your business is already up and running, a technology grant can give you the tools you need to accelerate your success. Wolfram also participates in collaborative relationships with select startups, providing access to high-level support for projects and ideas. Contact Us »

Accelerator Partners

Wolfram partners with select startup incubators and accelerators, offering over $200K worth of technology, mentorship and more. Ask your accelerator if they're partnered with Wolfram. If not, the Partnerships package is another great path forward. Contact Us »


SYLVA is an integrated learning and assessment platform for teachers to create and distribute course materials, schedule personalized assessments with automatic grading and manage their courses all in one place. SYLVA is used by teachers worldwide and is supported by Switzerland's largest startup accelerator program. The platform uses Wolfram's Enterprise Private Cloud as a centralized and secure solution to enable high-level computations, parameterization of assessments and automatic grading.


The founders of biotechnology startup Emerald Therapeutics wanted to develop an ideal research platform for lab and process automation during experiments as well as easy communication of their findings. About the decision to use Mathematica, cofounder and co-CEO Brian Frezza says, "It struck the perfect balance of being powerful enough and versatile enough to allow our engineering team to develop sophisticated software within, yet the language is easy enough to learn that it's accessible to our chemists and biologists to use as a primary means of keeping a daily lab notebook. We can keep handling larger experiments and we can do more complicated things each day because we're building on a base that is incredibly reliable and precise... You need that level of reproducibility in biology. You need something that can handle all the quantitative detail in a way that's still accessible and manipulatable to the scientists."

Well Principled

Well Principled has built an A.I. Management Consultant that automatically optimizes marketing and supply chain processes for Fortune 500 customers. Founder/CEO Ryan Richt says, "We have been very happy with Wolfram technology; our sophisticated Bayesian models would be otherwise unsolvable. We first use the Wolfram Language to verify the math and analytically integrate out 1000s of parameters so that our Stan probabilistic programs run much faster. You just can't get those symbolic capabilities with R or other tools."


Mathpix OCR is an API that extracts LaTeX from images of math. It even provides a Wolfram|Alpha-compatible output, which allows doing an image search for math when the API is used in conjunction with the Wolfram|Alpha API.

Why Wolfram?


The Wolfram Language has maintained code compatibility for more than three decades thanks to a consistent design process and long-term vision led by Stephen Wolfram.


The Wolfram Language has built-in connectivity to a broad spectrum of languages, services, programs, databases, technologies, devices and now blockchains and distributed ledger technologies.


Decades of R&D and corporate excellence have led the Wolfram brand to become one of the most trusted names in computation.


We know what is possible with computational technology because we are global leaders in creating it—building cutting-edge solutions used by Fortune 500 companies.

Wolfram Supports Organizations Large and Small