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Chemical Engineering

Design, construct, and analyze process machinery including reactors, boilers, and pumps. Solve heat transfer problems and design control systems.

Rate Laws

Chemical reactions occur at different rates and vary widely in the speeds at which they occur. Some reactions occur very fast; for example, an explosion or combustion of fuel in a race car. In this virtual lab, you are going to work with chemical kinetics and the study of rates of chemical processes. You will learn how to calculate rate, reaction order and half-life of a reaction.

Modeling a Chemical Reaction

Use various built-in components of a reaction such as substrates and reaction types to model the chemical reaction. Connect these components and define their initial values.

A reaction where dinitrogen pentoxide forms nitrogen dioxide and oxygen.


Analyze the different plots and determine the order of a reaction.


Use the Wolfram Language to carry out custom analysis.

Change in concentration of reactant for different orders of reaction.

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