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Natural Selection

Natural selection is fundamental in understanding how populations evolve over time. It helps with understanding why some traits die out while others flourish. In this virtual lab, you will explore the effect that environmental selection pressures have on the genetic makeup of a population.


The scenarios you will explore in this virtual lab consist of different population groups with transitions, denoted by arrows, between them. The rate of transition can be modified by the number of individuals in a population; for example, a high number of individuals from population A will promote new individuals being born into the population group.

A model of natural selection.


If a group of organisms with a particular trait has a decreased chance of surviving to reproduce, there is a decreased chance that the genes for this trait will be passed on to the next generation. This in turn may lead to the extinction of the trait.


Use the Wolfram Language to carry out parametric analysis.

Progression of trait distribution in a population.

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