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Sex-Linked Inheritance

Not all traits are inherited on autosomes—there are a large number of traits inherited on the sex chromosomes. In this virtual lab, you will explore how traits are inherited on the sex chromosomes and how this affects the proportion of individuals with each genotype in the population.


The first row of states represents the different genotype combinations in the population. The second row of states represents the different couple combinations. The arrows represent a transition from one state to another. The Birth state adds new members to the population, while the Death state removes members from the population. The gray lines show the modifier effect that the current generation has on the next generation.

A model illustrating the inheritance pattern for sex-linked genes.


Models are useful tools for determining the long-term behavior of a population, as well as predicting what happens in different conditions and environments. The following figure shows that the proportion of different gene combinations has an effect on the proportion of individuals with each genotype born into the next generation.


Use the Wolfram Language to carry out parametric analysis.

Variation of population proportion over a span of 10 generations.

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