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Electrical Engineering

Use System Modeler to construct and study electrical circuits, power electronics, and electrical machinery. Combine electrical and mechanical components to build complete system models. Perform analysis tasks and measure performance.

Blinking LED: Digital Circuits Lab

Digital circuits are everywhere, from personal computers to smart TVs. In this lab, you will learn how digital circuits work and create some basic circuits. Finally, you will test your digital circuits by connecting to hardware using Arduinos.

Create Your Model

The model consists of a digital input and a digital output connected to an Arduino. The digital input signal is used to set the state of the multiplexer. Based on the state of the multiplexer, a Boolean pulse with a predefined frequency is selected.

A 2×1 multiplexer is used to switch between two different frequencies.

Test Your Model

The pushbutton is used to change the frequency of the blinking LED.

The pushbutton is connected to pin 9 and the LED is connected to pin 6 of the Arduino.

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