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Electrical Engineering

Use System Modeler to construct and study electrical circuits, power electronics, and electrical machinery. Combine electrical and mechanical components to build complete system models. Perform analysis tasks and measure performance.

Digital Adders: Create Adder Units

Digital adders are used in the arithmetic logic units (ALU) that are a fundamental building block of CPUs and GPUs. In this lab, you will design a half adder and a full adder and combine them to form adder units of any bit size.

Create Your Model

You will create a half adder and a full adder using logic gates. These basic adders can then be used to create adder units of any bit size.

Model of a 16-bit adder that adds integers A and B.

Test Your Model

Two 16-bit integers A and B are added to obtain the sum.

Integers A and B of values 12000 and 16000 are added to obtain a sum of 28000.

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