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Trampoline Physics

A trampoline is a recreational device consisting of fabric stretched between a steel frame, using many springs. However, using it can be dangerous if the jumper loses control and falls. In this Virtual Lab, you will analyze the dynamics of the jumper by changing different parameters such as the weight of the jumper, the tilt of the ground and the jumper’s initial velocity.


To understand the trampoline system, you will use a model of the trampoline and the jumper. The model consists of three main parts: a world component for general gravity, a trampoline modeled by an elastic surface and a jumper modeled as a rigid body.

Model of the trampoline and the jumper.


Use animations to observe various scenarios by changing the initial height of the jumper, tilt angles of the ground and mass of the jumper.


Use animations to visualize the trampoline scenario.

Animation of the jumper and the trampoline.

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