Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

Simulate with System Modeler

One-Click Simulation

Exploration is immediate; at the click of a button, you have access to all values from every component in your model. Zoom into a region of interest and choose from built-in plot styles with a point-and-click interface.More

Rapidly compare designs and scenarios; simulate models with different parameter settings and plot them together, side by side or as parametric plots. Store as many different plots as you like and have them automatically updated and plotted when simulating.Less

Instant Animations

Plot the value of a system variable with a single click. Plot multiple variables, create parametric plots and choose from built-in plot styles with a point-and-click interface.More

Attach visualization geometries from CAD software to components, and automatically create live 3D animations for models with 3D mechanical components. Connect to Wolfram Language for programmable custom visualization.Less

Personalize Your Plots

Create custom plots of variables, such as 3D plots and sensitivity bands, directly from simulation results. Results are available for use in any visualization function in Wolfram Language.More

Define custom graphics, animations and customizable user interfaces for running simulations and visualizing the results.Less

Full Simulation Control

Get complete control over simulations with an interactive notebook environment powered by Wolfram Language. Programmatically specify initial conditions, parameter values and input signal functions. More

Sweeps of simulations across sets of parameter values, including Monte Carlo simulations, are automatically run in parallel. Access advanced simulation options, manage the tradeoff between simulation speed and simulation detail by selecting one of the many available solvers, change solver tolerance and step size, and much more.Less

Simulate with Real Data

Set parameters and inputs using different data sources to realistically simulate models. Programmatically access Wolfram|Alpha's huge collection of data on weather, material properties, commodity prices and hundreds of other areas.More

Connect to your own data sources such as databases and data sheets. Data can be imported from any of the 100+ formats natively supported by Wolfram Language.Less

Real-Time Simulation Interface

Gain a better understanding of your models by viewing simulation results in real time. Send control signals and change parameters in a running simulation using interactive controls, such as sliders and gauges, in Wolfram Language.More

Visualize your results by creating custom interactive dashboards for your simulations.Less

System Modeling in Wolfram Language

System model analysis functionality is built into all Wolfram Language products, both desktop and cloud. Take any model created in System Modeler and directly share it with millions of Wolfram Language users. More

Use manipulates, sliders, graphics and other Wolfram Language elements and deploy to colleagues, customers, students, etc. Let them interact with your models—exploring, configuring and analyzing.Less