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Connect & Deploy with System Modeler

FMI Import & Export

Share individual components or libraries with others as Functional Mock-up Units. Protect your intellectual property with royalty-free export of models to a wide range of tools using model exchange, or couple the model with a standalone simulation engine using co-simulation.More

Importing standardized Functional Mock-up Units makes it possible to integrate components from non-Modelica tools such as Simulink, Easy5 and CANoe. Less

Collaborative System Modeler Packages

Configure your System Modeler packages to install as read only or allow users to access, modify and update local copies of the library.

Interactive Dashboards

Use the Wolfram Language to automatically create dashboards or customize them to suit your needs.MoreLess

System Modeling in the Cloud

Use the system modeling functionality in the cloud and analyze your system models on the desktop or on a smartphone or tablet. Share your analysis with students, colleagues or customers.MoreLess

Hardware & Software Connectivity

Put your models in the loop by directly connecting your own hardware devices and software sources, and run them together with the simulation.More

Connect to Arduino boards, OPC servers, gamepads, databases and more. Streamlined Modelica libraries allow you to drag and drop hardware and software connections just like any other component. The Wolfram Device Framework gives you full control over your connected devices.Less

Deploy Simulations

The optimized simulation executable compiled by System Modeler is self-contained, including all numerical solvers, and enables royalty-free deployment on desktops and servers.More

The compiled executable reads parameter values and initial conditions from an XML file that you can easily generate programmatically, and simulation results are returned in a standard format that you can interpret in any application. Less

Publish Results

Run simulation models under different conditions and configurations and automatically generate customized reports based on the simulation results. More

Share and publish your models and simulation results to anyone. Export the report in common formats such as PDF, HTML and LaTeX. Plots and numerical simulation data can be exported in standard image and data formats such as JPG, PNG, PDF, CSV and MAT.Less

What Is FMI?

FMI is an open standard for model exchange and co-simulation—a collaboration between industry and academia for exchange of models of dynamic systems between tools.MoreLess