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Wolfram Certified Level I
Computational Thinking

After completing the Computational Thinking modules, you are ready to consider Level 1 certification. Course completion is not required in order to apply for Level I, but it is recommended. Level 1 certification requires you to take an exam based on the concepts that are taught in the module. Certification is awarded for scores of 70% or higher. Once you have paid the certification fee, you will receive an email with a URL link to the exam.

How Happy Are People in My Country?

How can you measure things like emotion, pain, literacy? Dealing with subjective data like this is a key part of data science in the real world; find out how it's done in this short interactive course.

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Cause or Correlation?

"People who took this course earn more in the future!" Learn to be wary of media claims of how one thing causes another and have fun finding your own odd correlations.

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Does Gender Help with Your Maths Score?

Comparing two datasets is a first step in any data science course. In this short course, you will analyse local and national datasets and find out how to present your findings.

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Can I Spot a Cheat?

Using real data, how do you define when to raise the alarm for possible fraud or bias? How do insurance or credit card companies know when to investigate further?

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What do I need to do before taking the exam?

It is recommended that you complete the relevant, free, computational thinking course before taking this exam.

Do I need to complete the exam in one sitting?

No, but it is recommended. From the day of purchase, you will have 30 days to complete the exam.

If I leave the exam, will my progress be saved?

Answers will be saved, but you will not be able to review these when you return.

Can I send my answers more than once?

Yes, answers can be sent as many times as you wish (until you click 'Submit all'). However, only your final answers will be marked.

Can I take the exam more than once?

You can purchase the exam multiple times, although the questions may change.

If I take an exam more than once, will I be charged the same amount each time?


Can I share the exam link?

No, the exam is unique to you and only you can obtain a certificate.