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Here are some examples of interesting webMathematica sites developed by users.

  • Dynamic Web Tools using webMathematica, developed by Professors Mike Martin and Steve Wilson at Johnson County Community College, is an extensive collection of webMathematica applications for use in undergraduate mathematics courses.
  • Eco-Tools, designed by Dr. Gareth Russell from Columbia University, is a collection of webMathematica tools for doing calculations in ecology and conservation biology
  • mathestate, designed by Roger J. Brown, PhD, owner of IMOJIM Investments, is a proprietary set of data-driven mathematical analysis tools designed to analyze real-estate investments using actual data and custom formulas.
  • QuickMath, written by Ben Langton from the University of Sydney, provides easy-to-use webMathematica tools that allow the manipulation of mathematical expressions. Online calculators can do algebra manipulations, solve simple calculus problems, graph equations, and perform other computations and visualizations.
  • Ken Levasseur at the University of Massachusetts Lowell has developed a collection of webMathematica applications including programs for doing abstract algebra, modeling, statistics, and linear algebra.
  • BiokmodWeb is an ENUSA-Molypharma project for solving biokinetic systems with applications in internal dosimetry (current ICRP models are included), nuclear medicine, and pharmacokinetics.
  • Terra Dotta provides learning solutions for schools, universities, and businesses. It has also designed MathIWYG, a WYSIWYG math editor that takes advantage of webMathematica's MathML capabilities. MathIWYG allows you to enter math directly into your website using a Flash-based WYSIWYG editor.
  • Richard Bréhéret of the Versailles Local Education Centre has developed a French website that offers professors and students learning activities in which Mathematica and webMathematica are used.
  • James C. Wyant, Director of the Optical Sciences Center at the University of Arizona, uses webMathematica to teach advanced optical concepts.
  • Equation Plotter, developed by Miguel Bayona from The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey, is committed to producing top-quality mathematics graphics. The tools and resources in these pages are intended for high school and college teachers of mathematics.
  • Klaus Hildebrandt from the Department of Mathematics at the Free University of Berlin put together a collection of interactive 3D geometry applications using webMathematica and JavaView, a 3D geometry viewer.

If you have built a public webMathematica site you would like featured here, let us know.