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Mathematica Experts Live:
Numeric Modeling in Mathematica

Held March 27, 2013

Need high-performance numerical computing? The Mathematica experts have you covered. In this free, live online event, our experts will present Mathematica's powerful numerical capabilities for differential equation solving, optimization, and special functions.

Watch Event Videos and Download the Experts' Notebook

Mathematica Experts Live: Numeric Modeling in Mathematica 2013
Mathematica Experts Live: Numeric Modeling in Mathematica 2013 Watch videos from the event »
Experts' Notebook
Experts' Notebook Download the Mathematica notebook containing the presentations and examples used during the event. Download the Mathematica notebook »

Featured Speakers and Host

Rob Knapp
Rob Knapp Mathematica Numerical Computation Manager Rob Knapp joined Wolfram Research in 1994. As Numerical Computation Manager in the Mathematica Algorithm Research and Development department, Rob works to enhance and extend the numerical computation capabilities in Mathematica.
Oleksandr Pavlyk
Oleksandr Pavlyk Mathematica Kernel Developer Oleksandr Pavlyk discovered Mathematica as a cool programming environment while porting his Maple program, written for v5.4, but which no longer worked in Maple V6, to Mathematica back in 2001. He has embraced Mathematica since then and actively used it in his research while in graduate school in the physics department of Penn State University. He joined Wolfram Research in 2004 as an intern with Michael Trott, which led to his employment as Special Functions Developer. Since 2007 he has also worked in the area of probability and statistics.
Paritosh Mokhasi
Paritosh Mokhasi Mathematica Kernel Developer After completing his PhD with a specialization in the field of fluid dynamics, Paritosh Mokhasi joined the Wolfram Technology Group in 2009. His special interests are in the areas of computational mathematics, numerical simulations related to fluid flow, meshfree methods, and approximation theory. He is a member of the Kernel Technology Numerics group, with an emphasis on solving differential algebraic equations.
James Adduci
James Adduci Mathematica Kernel Developer James Adduci completed his PhD in mathematics with research incorporating Mathematica to solve problems involving a combination of symbolic and numerical computations. Since joining Wolfram Research in 2011, James has been working on numerics in Mathematica, with a recent emphasis on numerical optimization.
Dan Newman
Dan Newman Host Dan Newman is the Web and Mobile User Experience Manager at Wolfram Research, and has been with the company since 2010. He will be the host of this live event.