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A Guide to Programming with Wolfram Language
Interactive Course | FREE

Requirements: This course requires basic working knowledge of Wolfram Language

Certification Levels: CompletionLevel 1

Go beyond the basics of programming in Wolfram Language. Learn how to write more complex programs in different programming styles as well as utilize flow control primitives and other features of this high-level programming language. Wolfram Language has a wealth of built-in functions that require little or no programming, but there are special applications that require programming to get the code to do things that go beyond those built-in capabilities. This course offers a collection of useful tips and technical details for intermediate-level programmers.

Course Overview
  • Section 127 minutes
  • Section 230 minutes
  • Section 322 minutes
  • Section 424 minutes
  • Section 526 minutes
  • Section 631 minutes
  • Section 722 minutes
  • Section 834 minutes
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An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language
Interactive Course | FREE

Requirements: This course requires no prior knowledge of Mathematica or Wolfram Language.

Certification Levels: CompletionLevel 1

Learn Wolfram Language and modern computational thinking from Stephen Wolfram's book with veteran Wolfram Language instructor and developer David Withoff. The course requires no prior programming knowledge and is suitable for those at any educational level with an interest in computational thinking and its practical applications.

Course Overview
  • Section 166 minutes
  • Section 269 minutes
  • Section 355 minutes
  • Section 479 minutes
  • Section 5100 minutes
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Analyzing Systems Using Wolfram Language and System Modeler
Video Course | FREE

Requirements: This course requires basic working knowledge of Wolfram Language and System Modeler.

This course uses a series of examples to demonstrate how to use System Modeler and Wolfram Language as an integrated environment for modeling, simulating, analyzing and understanding system designs. This course is for those who are interested in a deeper understanding of how Wolfram System Modeler, Wolfram Language and Modelica work together. Basic familiarity with Wolfram Language and System Modeler is recommended. Download the course materials, including a set of Wolfram Notebooks and a System Modeler package, and follow along with the video tutorials.

Course Overview
  • Video 111 minutes
  • Video 211 minutes
  • Video 316 minutes
  • Video 49 minutes
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Back to School with AI Tools and Wolfram
Video Lesson | FREE

This video explains how generative AI can be used to help students meet their learning goals and also help teachers teach and assess critical and creative thinking skills.

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Building and Applying Epidemiological Models
Video Course | FREE

Follow this video course to learn about the basics of epidemiology modeling. The first few lessons will review basic dynamic transmission models, and each lesson will build on previous lessons to create progressively more complicated models that can be used to simulate real-world scenarios. The course uses data from past and present epidemics to explore how the models work and what can happen when model parameters are changed. The models are constructed and simulated using Wolfram Language and built-in data from the Wolfram Knowledgebase.

Course Overview
  • Video 142 minutes
  • Video 236 minutes
  • Video 320 minutes
  • Video 436 minutes
  • Video 523 minutes
  • Video 644 minutes
  • Video 746 minutes
  • Video 846 minutes
  • Video 942 minutes
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Building Blocks for Deep Learning
Video Course | FREE

This video course explores how to construct neural networks in the Wolfram Language. The Wolfram Language neural network framework provides symbolic building blocks to build, train and tune a network, as well as automatically process input and output using encoders and decoders. You'll learn how to build feed-forward networks and about recurrent neural nets and why they are interesting.

Course Overview
  • Video 128 minutes
  • Video 227 minutes
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Calculus Concepts and Applications
Video Course | FREE

This video course begins with an overview of basic calculus operations and takes you on an exploration of Wolfram Language functions, including those used for computing integrals and solving differential equations. Learn from one of our symbolic computing experts about applications of calculus to real-world problems, gain insight into the technology underlying our built-in calculus functions, and find some interesting historical mathematical references as well as resources for further study. Allow the Wolfram Language to introduce you to—or help you to rediscover—some of the beauty and utility of calculus.

Course Overview
  • Video 130 minutes
  • Video 223 minutes
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ChatGPT Meets Wolfram|Alpha: A Tale of Two AIs
Video Lesson | FREE

In this video, you will learn the basics of these two different technologies as well as tips for how best to use them. You will also observe the advantage of combining the two approaches with the help of the Wolfram Plugin for ChatGPT and the built-in LLM functions in Wolfram Language.

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Computational Xplorations
Instructor Led | FREE

Requirements: This course requires no prior knowledge of Wolfram Language or Mathematica.

Certification Levels: Completion

Join this free introductory course to discover how to interactively explore nearly any field using computation. See how computational thinking—a modern blend of critical analysis and information processing—is being applied to a range of disciplines not traditionally associated with coding. From nutrition to literature, you'll learn practical ways to use knowledge-based programming in your classroom, research project or company. This class introduces innovative methods for discovering ideas and insights using the computational intelligence of the Wolfram Language, the user-friendly coding environment of Wolfram Notebooks and the curated real-world knowledge of the Wolfram Knowledgebase.

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Daily Study Group: Guiding Principles for Modeling and Simulation
Special Event | FREE

Certification Levels: Completion

Learn modeling principles applicable to dynamic systems across diverse domains from Wolfram experts. Join our upcoming two-week study group, where you'll use Wolfram System Modeler to create models of real-world systems and explore modeling fundamentals. We'll cover examples that range from simulating the spread of infectious diseases to predicting the cash flow dynamics of a subscription-based business and modeling the intricate behavior of drones. The first two sessions will provide an introduction to modeling with System Modeler and analyzing models with Wolfram Language. Following daily sessions will each cover a different modeling principle.

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Daily Study Group: Topics in Artisanal Calculus
Special Event | FREE

Certification Levels: Attendance

Explore lesser-known but incredibly useful topics in calculus. In this daily study group on "artisanal" topics in calculus, learn about umbral calculus, Bell polynomials, the Euler–Maclaurin formula and fractional calculus. See how you can apply methods in calculus to the study of dynamical systems, minimal surfaces and even number theory.

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Daily Study Group: Wolfram Tools for LLMs
Special Event | FREE

Certification Levels: Completion

Wolfram technology has long been a component of intelligent assistants and other AI systems. This study group brings you up to speed on the latest tools and devotes daily sessions to using the newly expanded Wolfram GPT, Chat Notebooks, functions to connect to LLMs and built-in AI-related functionality in Wolfram Language. See how Wolfram makes LLMs smarter by giving them access to powerful computation, accurate math, curated knowledge, real-time data and visualization. Learn about Wolfram tools that offer natural language–based code assistance, connecting to LLMs and access to built-in functionality for AI tasks.

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Daily Study Groups
Special Event | FREE

Certification Levels: CompletionLevel 1

Wolfram Daily Study Groups are fun, directed, incremental learning resources for building computational competence. Study Groups offer academic and professional development opportunities for anyone interested in expanding their skillset. A Wolfram instructor guides each session by sharing short lessons, polling the group to review key concepts, introducing practice problems and answering questions. Certificates of program completion are available to engaged participants, with additional opportunities for Level 1 proficiency certifications offered for select topics and areas of study.

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Data Science Friday Webinars: Insights from Images
Archived Event | FREE

Learn about Wolfram's multiparadigm approach to doing data science. This series focuses mainly on image analysis—starting in outer space to study images captured by the James Webb Space Telescope and ending on London streets to analyze traffic images captured by "JamCams." Along the way, we stop by Mars to look at videos assembled from images taken by NASA rovers and dig into the geologic layers of South Asia as recorded by the US Geological Survey. Each webinar demonstrates the data science workflow and how to build a project pipeline through different stages, beginning with formulating questions, then wrangling and cleaning the data, performing exploratory data analysis and applying multiparadigm techniques to analyze the data, and finally, sharing the results.

Course Overview
  • Video 154 minutes
  • Video 292 minutes
  • Video 380 minutes
  • Video 478 minutes
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Data Visualization Quick Start
Video Lesson | FREE

Harness the power of the Wolfram Language to interactively visualize your data. Start with simple charts, add labels and legends and then customize the appearance. In a series of examples, you'll learn to process and incorporate additional data and create specialized visual elements, resulting in a rich interface that allows you to interactively explore your data in depth. Topics include general options for adding styles and labels to your charts, enhancing your data with wrappers and metadata and writing custom rendering functions that make use of the metadata to show additional levels of information. The class is suitable for those who have an interest in creating charts using the Wolfram Language but who have little experience with the system.

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Data Visualization with Wolfram Language

Requirements: This course requires basic working knowledge of Wolfram Language.

Certification Levels: Completion

With the use of a curated dataset from the Wolfram Data Repository, this course shows how to quickly visualize different data structures and how to make your graphics ready to publish and share. Domain-specific functions as well as general techniques are shared for getting the most out of your graphics. The course is intended for anyone who wants to learn more about data visualization using Wolfram Language.

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Discrete Calculus with Wolfram Language
Video Course | FREE

This course discusses the basics, history and real-world applications of discrete calculus as well as associated Wolfram Language functionality.

Course Overview
  • Video 15 minutes
  • Video 210 minutes
  • Video 39 minutes
  • Video 49 minutes
  • Video 512 minutes
  • Video 611 minutes
  • Video 712 minutes
  • Video 811 minutes
  • Video 912 minutes
  • Video 1019 minutes
  • Video 1120 minutes
  • Video 1213 minutes
  • Video 1317 minutes
  • Video 148 minutes
  • Video 1513 minutes
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Geography in Wolfram Language
Video Course | FREE

These videos offer an introduction to built-in geography functionality in Wolfram Language. Learn about making and styling maps, creating high-resolution maps of any region of the world and using multiple styles for vector renderings. The included examples showcase how to access built-in, curated geophysical and socioeconomic data, and they also demonstrate how to visualize the data in different ways using maps.

Course Overview
  • Video 127 minutes
  • Video 227 minutes
  • Video 328 minutes
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Getting Started with Machine Learning
Video Lesson | FREE

This video is a broad introduction to what you can do with machine learning in Wolfram Language.

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Hands-on Start to Wolfram Mathematica Training Tutorials
Special Event | FREE

Certification Levels: AttendanceLevel 1

Join a free online training session to learn different ways to interact with Mathematica—enter queries through free-form input and Wolfram Language, create notebooks, perform symbolic and numeric calculations, generate 2D and 3D graphics, create an interactive Manipulate, analyze data and turn your notebook into an interactive presentation. This is an exciting opportunity to learn directly from the authors of the book Hands-on Start to Wolfram Mathematica and Programming with the Wolfram Language and ask questions during the interactive Q&A. Participants will need access to either Mathematica for the desktop or Mathematica Online to utilize the hands-on aspects of this training.

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Introduction to Calculus
Interactive Course | FREE

Requirements: This course requires no prior knowledge of Mathematica or the Wolfram Language. Prerequisites for calculus include Algebra I (elementary algebra), Algebra II (intermediate algebra), elementary geometry and trigonometry or precalculus.

Certification Levels: CompletionLevel 1

A comprehensive introduction to fundamental concepts in calculus, including video lessons and interactive notebooks. Follow along with the examples in the Wolfram Cloud and use the material to prepare for the AP Calculus AB exam. The course starts with functions and limits, followed by differential calculus and its applications, and then moves on to integral calculus and its applications. Problem sessions, exercises, quizzes and a sample exam are provided for self-paced assessment. Earn a certificate by watching all lesson and problem session videos and completing the quizzes with a passing grade.

Course Overview
  • Section 185 minutes
  • Section 252 minutes
  • Section 355 minutes
  • Section 450 minutes
  • Section 579 minutes
  • Section 656 minutes
  • Section 748 minutes
  • Section 835 minutes
  • Section 944 minutes
  • Section 1042 minutes
  • Section 1138 minutes
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Introduction to Cryptography
Interactive Course | FREE

Requirements: This course requires a basic understanding of number theory, algorithms, discrete mathematics and modular arithmetic and basic-level skills in any programming language.

Certification Levels: Completion

This course gives an introduction to the concepts, underlying math, principles and techniques of historic and modern cryptography; ties cryptographic protocols to real-world scenarios; and gives a necessary understanding of issues related to information security in general.

Course Overview
  • Section 122 minutes
  • Section 213 minutes
  • Section 326 minutes
  • Section 416 minutes
  • Section 545 minutes
  • Section 650 minutes
  • Section 745 minutes
  • Section 816 minutes
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Introduction to Differential Equations
Interactive Course | FREE

Requirements: This course requires no prior knowledge of Mathematica or the Wolfram Language. Prerequisites for differential equations include calculus and linear algebra.

Certification Levels: CompletionLevel 1

A comprehensive introduction to fundamental concepts and solution methods for differential equations, including video lessons and interactive notebooks. Follow along with the examples in the Wolfram Cloud and use the material to prepare for courses in natural science, engineering, economics and other fields. The course starts with a discussion of direction fields and methods for solving first-order differential equations, followed by the study of second-order equations and their applications, and then moves on to solving systems of differential equations. Problem sessions, exercises and quizzes are provided for self-paced assessment. Earn a certificate by watching all lesson and problem session videos and completing the quizzes with a passing grade. Level I certification in Differential Equations is awarded to those who meet the completion requirements and also pass the course final exam.

Course Overview
  • Section 156 minutes
  • Section 241 minutes
  • Section 351 minutes
  • Section 443 minutes
  • Section 570 minutes
  • Section 641 minutes
  • Section 734 minutes
  • Section 866 minutes
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Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
Interactive Course | FREE

Requirements: This course does not have any mathematical requirement. Anyone with minimal knowledge of Wolfram Language can excel. This course is aimed at beginners in both computer science and mathematics.

Certification Levels: CompletionLevel 1

Explore the realm of discrete mathematics, the study of countable things and the mathematical language of computer science. Get an introduction to notions of logic, discrete structures, counting, algorithms, proofs, recurrences and graphs.

Course Overview
  • Section 15 minutes
  • Section 236 minutes
  • Section 333 minutes
  • Section 420 minutes
  • Section 538 minutes
  • Section 629 minutes
  • Section 724 minutes
  • Section 833 minutes
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Course Type

  • Interactive Courses
  • Video Lessons
  • Video Courses
  • Instructor-led Courses
  • Archived and Special Events

Interactive Courses

Also known as MOOCs (massive open online courses), these courses are hosted on the Wolfram Cloud and allow you to interactively explore concepts using Wolfram Language functionality.

  • Self-paced with progress tracking

  • Include video lessons, exercises and problems, quizzes, exams and a scratch notebook

  • Sharable completion certificates available for all courses

  • Wolfram Level 1 proficiency certifications available for select courses

Video Lessons

Short recorded lessons that provide limited instruction on a computational topic or for using Wolfram tech.

  • Quick-start videos

  • Lessons from content experts

  • A wide variety of beginner-level lessons

  • Free to watch

Video Courses

Video series that build on preceding lessons to provide comprehensive instruction.

  • Each video course features a playlist of sequential lessons

  • Recorded by Wolfram certified instructors

  • Comprehensive coverage of a particular topic

  • Free to watch

Instructor-led Courses

Scheduled as online and in-person classes, these courses provide comprehensive instruction guided by a live instructor.

  • Registration required to reserve your seat

  • Taught by Wolfram certified instructors

  • Opportunity to pose live questions to experts in the room

  • Course completion certificates available

Archived and Special Events

Presentations by Wolfram developers, content experts and instructors.

  • Webinars on special topics and new release functionality

  • Livecoding sessions

  • Wolfram Daily Study Groups

  • Free to watch