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Modeling and Simulation with Wolfram SystemModeler: Virtual Workshop

Held on February 9, 2016

Wolfram SystemModeler's easy-to-use modeling and simulation environment is ideal for a range of industries and application areas. In this free, online event for users at all levels, an overview of new features in SystemModeler is followed by in-depth looks at different applications of the technology.

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Modeling and Simulation with Wolfram SystemModeler
Modeling and Simulation with Wolfram SystemModeler: Virtual Workshop   Watch videos from the event »

Featured Presentations

New in Wolfram SystemModeler Jan Brugard During this talk you will get acquainted with a few of the new key features in SystemModeler 4.1 and 4.2, including model import from other types of modeling and simulation tools with the standardized Functional Mockup Interface (FMI), integration of Mathematica's complete suite for reliability analysis, and strengthened unit support and handling. The presentation will also cover new SystemModeler libraries and a sneak preview of upcoming features.
Modeling Ten Helicopters at Once: Reusable and Flexible Modeling Markus Dahl Learn about the flexibility of modeling in SystemModeler and how to construct one model that allows evaluation of many different systems and scenarios. Use replaceable components, conditional components, and other SystemModeler features to do performance analysis for a number of different helicopter configurations.
Deployment of Standalone Modelica Models to the RPi+Arduino Leonardo Laguna Ruiz This presentation will show how to create simulation models that can be deployed to a Raspberry Pi that uses Arduino as an interface. These models can be used as standalone controllers for hardware-in-the-loop or model-in-the-loop simulations.
Bring Your Engineering Course Alive Johan Rhodin Learn how the engineering curriculum can be revitalized by making SystemModeler an integral part of the education experience. This presentation will show how SystemModeler improves the way engineering courses are taught and demonstrate scenarios that can't be accommodated in a traditional classroom setting.

Featured Speakers

Jan Brugard
Jan Brugard CEO of MathCore
Johan Rhodin
Johan Rhodin Kernel Developer
Leonardo Laguna Ruiz
Leonardo Laguna Ruiz Software Engineer
Markus Dahl
Markus Dahl Applications Engineer