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Wolfram Cloud Credits

Wolfram Cloud Credits are the currency of the Wolfram Cloud. Every subscription to a Wolfram Cloud product includes a supply of credits to fuel deployments and certain functions. Additional credits are also available, allowing projects to scale quickly.

What can I do with Cloud Credits?

Create an Instant API and expose any Wolfram Language code to be called by a Web API from anywhere on the web.

Inject the unrivaled power of the Wolfram Cloud into Python, C, Java, or other languages.

Process free-form natural language in your deployments through Smart Fields and other semantic inputs.

Enable your end users to interact with documents and access dynamic content.

Return computed results to your Instant Web Forms.

Access detailed computable knowledge about millions of entities.

Empower your mobile deployments to compute and produce results.

Schedule reports and other tasks.

What uses credits?

In typical plans, each credit costs a fraction of a penny

TaskCredits used
Calling an Instant API1 credit per 100 milliseconds of computation
Interact with dynamic deployed notebooks1 credit per 100 milliseconds of computation
Processing an Instant Form1 credit per 100 milliseconds of computation
Executing from mobile1 credit per 100 milliseconds of computation
Running a scheduled task1 credit per 100 milliseconds of computation
Retrieving Knowledgebase data2 credits per call
Understanding natural language5 credits per call
Sending email10 credits per email recipient

What doesn't use credits?

  • Computations while developing your project
    Interactive sessions in the Wolfram Cloud are typically included in base product subscriptions, and consume credits only for natural language understanding or Wolfram Knowledgebase data access.
  • Wolfram|Alpha API calls
    A complimentary set of calls is included in your subscription. Additional calls can be purchased separately.

How do I manage my credits?

The Usage Dashboard gives you detailed information about credit usage, and allows you to control where your credits are used.

Need more credits?

You can always purchase additional credits; purchased credits do not expire so long as you maintain an eligible Wolfram Cloud product subscription.

Buy more credits

50,000 credits$15 $0.30 (cost per thousand)
100,000 credits$25 $0.25 (cost per thousand)
1,000,000 credits$180 $0.18 (cost per thousand)
Large-scale deploymentsContact us
Additional Cloud Credits do not expire as long as you are subscribed to a plan that is eligible to purchase them. However, if you switch to a plan that isn't eligible, any additional credits you have purchased will expire a year after your plan changes.