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Computational Intelligence in Healthcare

Improving Patient Outcomes through Computational Intelligence

With growing and ageing populations, it is essential to discover innovative ways to enable population health management for more proactive care and to reduce pressure on hospital services. Our computational experts will work with you and your data to uncover the key insights for greater efficiency and better care for the people you serve.

At Wolfram, we have a unique cross section of experience in solving problems through cutting-edge computational solutions—from pioneering scientific research to enterprise-scale commercial deployments to revolutionary healthcare applications. This experience, combined with 30 years of technological innovation, makes us the ideal data science and computational intelligence partner for healthcare organisations.

Case Studies

Revolutionising Cancer Diagnostics

Enabling innovative new GI screening technology and reducing NHS backlogs with advanced image processing and AI-assisted diagnosis.

Protecting NHS Patients

Integrating data from across the NHS to identify hidden signals and uncover surprising insights to optimise patient safety.

AIDS Research

Optimising treatment timings for AIDS patients and aiding healthcare analysts and economists predict the effect of AIDS cases on the health-delivery system.

Organ Transplants

Estimating the likelihood of injury to a transplanted organ and personalising treatment options with rich, data-driven dashboards.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Wolfram creates the world's leading computational technology and is an expert at applying that technology to real-world problems.

Multiparadigm Data Science

Our multiparadigm approach to data science allows us to pull together multiple sources of disparate data to achieve practical, quantitative answers for problems too complex for traditional methods.

Machine Learning & AI

Supporting clinicians from diagnosis to treatment to long-term health management, Wolfram's AI and machine-learning tools work alongside healthcare professionals to reduce risk, increase efficiency and improve equity.

Predictive Modelling

Our predictive modelling can help analyse where, when and how to target interventions to promote well-being, prevent ill health and reduce health inequalities.

Natural Language

Unlock meaning from written text—from getting quantitative insights from doctors' and nurses' notes to helping every healthcare worker access the data they need without needing a degree in data science.

For Real-World Applications

Improving Safety

Ensuring the safety of patients is critical in any healthcare setting. Wolfram Consulting Services can help you identify early warning signs for deteriorating symptoms; ensure patients are being prescribed and administered safe, effective treatment; and monitor processes, systems and administration so no patient, symptom or hazard goes unrecognised.

Optimising Human Resource

Critical to the success of any healthcare organisation is their workforce. The need for professional development and training is paramount to both ensuring high-quality work and reducing staff turnover. We can help you identify where staff are needed, what training is required and opportunities for optimisation that can reduce inefficiencies and budgetary waste.

Data Integration

The amount of data created and stored by healthcare and social care organisations has increased exponentially. Wolfram Consulting Services can help integrate and make sense of disparate data sources to detect patterns, discover insights and optimise processes wherever it was created or stored.

Population Health Management

By integrating and analysing your existing data across all levels of healthcare, we can help you identify new ways to manage the health and wellbeing of your community before they need acute services. Proactively manage long-term health conditions, improve patient outcomes and protect the long-term sustainability and efficiency of your healthcare systems.

Wolfram Supports Organizations Large and Small

Wolfram Supports
Organizations Large and Small

Interfacing with Your Data

Having the right interface to get answers from data is crucial; different interfaces are suited to different tasks. A multiparadigm system combines a broad range of intuitive options for interacting with data every step of the way.

Interactive Notebooks

Streamline your daily workflow using high-level notebook documents that combine text, images, code and interactive examples—editable and runnable on any platform for fast, easy collaboration.

Natural Language

Query your data instantly with natural language and get conversational answers for an intuitive, low-effort process that leads to more insights and better decisions.

Triggered Reporting

Automatically receive alerts and updated reports based on custom criteria, tracking trends in real time for critically timed decisions.

Presentations with Live Modelling

Run your meetings interactively, adjusting parameters to compute instant what-if scenarios for deeper discussions and stronger results.

Programmatic Access

Store your models as platform-independent packages and APIs, providing a centralized framework for computation and automation to power human-data interfaces across your enterprise.

Classic Interfaces with Modern Integration

Seamlessly connect existing spreadsheets, databases and applications into higher-level computation, stepping up speed and accuracy with additional back end power.

Whether individual or enterprise, from concept to deployment, our computation experts can help you achieve robust results with less time and effort.

Project Design and Development Get custom Wolfram technology applications built for your needs.
Prototype Development Turn your idea into proof of concept with our rapid prototyping process.
Web Development Solutions Provide convenient online interfaces for your tools and information.
And Much More... Tell us about your project, and we'll tell you how we can help.

Whether individual or enterprise, from concept to deployment, our computation experts can help you achieve robust results with less time and effort.

Code Optimization Take full advantage of our technology to make your programs work more efficiently.
Production Deployment Put the final touches on your product with our compilation and deployment specialists.
Custom Training Get hands-on Wolfram technology training specific to your industry or project.
Unsure Which Type of Services You Need? Talk with our experts.

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