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Accelerating Math Education: Mathematica Multiplies Classroom Success

Abby Brown, Math Teacher, Torrey Pines High School

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"Mathematica has changed how I think about teaching and how my students learn mathematics. The conversations in our classes focus so much more on concepts and ideas and understanding the mathematics rather than how do I solve the problem."
The Mathematica Edge
  • Reinforces concepts with visual, interactive examples that capture students' attentions and encourage learning
  • Empowers students by combining graphical, symbolic, numerical, and verbal techniques
  • Inspires future learning by enriching the educational experience


High school math teacher Abby Brown knew Mathematica was the answer when she wanted to find a rich computing experience to captivate her students. The dynamic software gives students the power to manipulate interactive graphics and develop complex data models, which helps them understand classroom concepts like never before.

"The vast majority of class time is spent exploring ideas and asking questions," says Brown. "Those explorations and examples and Demonstrations just have made the teaching and learning experience so much more interactive and experimental."

Her students also benefit from the support and feedback they get on their projects from Wolfram Research employees. She says the "individual, personal touch is amazing."

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