Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

Comparative Analysis

Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC) both replaces components and enhances workflows in your infrastructure. It also acts as a uniquely versatile hub for an enterprise computation solution. This is a brief guide to how EPC fits with your technologies and applications.

Rapid application development

EPC can replace the complete RAD workflow and extend it to instant deployment, particularly for computation or data-rich applications. For evolving existing workflows, EPC can provide missing links of live data provision, enhanced computation or live interface or reporting modalities across all devices.

Mobile: Both local and cloud-based interfacing to existing or Wolfram technology applications, hosted directly from EPC. Desktop: Providing traditional applications or document-based interfaces served directly from EPC.

Computation and data analytics server

The ultimate replacement for a host of computational and statistical desktop tools or mainframe-era libraries of routines. EPC is also ideal for supplementing existing computational or statistical codebases—using their familiar interfaces or not—with its ready-to-use connectivity to a wide range of systems and languages. For many organizations, an enterprise computation hub is a new infrastructure component to extend access to computation or data analytics.

Code server

Use EPC as a Wolfram Language development environment and code server. Typical enterprise adoption starts with EPC-serving code that builds on existing low-level languages' codebases for highly computational cases. As familiarity in the Wolfram Language is gained, the speed, readability and computational power it offers increasingly enable new projects to be entirely Wolfram Language–coded and directly delivered through EPC. Many organizations today do not operate a central code (or function/algorithm) server, instead relying on local deployment and updates being maintained, including for critical changes.

User interfacing and interface/document serving

EPC supplements existing interface options as a hub for live-computed interactive documents, dashboards and easier-to-build replacements for desktop or app-style software. EPC can effectively add functionality or replace cloud application interfaces, with end-users needing only a browser for access or the option of desktop playing for improved latency performance.

Scheduled reporting

EPC offers a replacement to cloud-based or desktop, scheduled, custom-triggered or on-demand reporting, with the unique capability of embedded, live computation. Reporting can be in the form of documents, dashboards or apps for the desktop or mobile.

Low-level system tool replacement

EPC offers a high-level replacement for a variety of low-level system tools in a modern cloud environment.

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