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Why Choose Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud?

Availability of private cloud access to the world's broadest algorithm toolset

The Wolfram algorithm toolset is available from local to network to cloud installations. Unique to Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC) is the combination of private access and installation-free, end-user access that no other option provides.

Control over computation and data security

Apply the full power of Wolfram Computation to your private data, ensuring it never leaves your infrastructure.

Instant API delivery of Wolfram Language solutions

Optimized build and deployed workflows enable instant serving of Wolfram Language code as a web-callable API to anywhere in your organization—a key to delivering enterprise computation.

Custom initialization and pre-warming of engines

Configure for your sessions and APIs to make available and pre-load your customized functionality—avoiding latency in initial calls.

No end-user installation for notebook usage

Wolfram Notebooks provide an unprecedented combination of interactivity, narrative and ease of production in a self-contained document. Anyone accessing EPC can view hosted notebooks with only a browser and no other installation.

Secure Enterprise-wide collaboration

Share or collaborate with notebooks, computations, code and data instantaneously, tightly controlling who has access.

Self-running scheduled and continuous tasks

Set up computations, applications and reporting (including interactive) to run on schedule, by trigger, continuously or on demand—all unattended.

Universally accessible across any network of your choice

With web access (for example, through a browser) and a network, full power of computation is immediately available to whom you choose but tightly controlled by your security.

Enables centralized internal or external cost-recovery model of computation

Decide on your business model for direct access to the Wolfram Cloud or to services you have built using Wolfram Computation—for example, courseware, financial analysis services and data analytics.

Traceable computation history and auditing

Computation is central to critical reporting in an increasing range of organizations and processes. By centralizing your enterprise's computation, traceability, logging and auditing can be reliably achieved as well as enabling easy access for corporate reporting.

Instant hybridization with desktop Wolfram Computation

Total versatility to compute, develop and deploy in both cloud and local environments, and switch seamlessly between them.

Web-based programming model

Full access to editing, developing, controlling or deploying projects using just a browser.

Customizable and configurable for your needs

Set up for you and your organization for multiple logins with custom policies, security and installed components for different levels of users.

Easily integrates with existing computational and data infrastructure

A wide range of built-in connectivity for data (e.g. databases or data I/O filters) and links to code modules in other languages. Structured APIs provide an easy interface for most connections.

Flexible delivery of computational power across many users

Centralized computation in your enterprise enables load balancing to optimize available power for a given project and breadth of usage. High-quality, high-powered computation is always available, and usage is easy to manage.

Total up-and-running service availability for installation and maintenance

Wolfram has developed a comprehensive 24/7 support package and a wide variety of technical consulting to support EPC installation and maintenance, including on critical infrastructure tasks.

Make your C++ legacy code private cloud accessible

Because EPC offers a hub for your computation and code solutions throughout your organization, it easily enables legacy code such as C++ to be delivered through modern cloud infrastructure—including benefits like enforced code updates.

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