Wolfram Language

  • Experience faster entity and property retrieval. »
  • Take advantage of a new local caching framework when reusing entities and their properties. »
  • Use entity copies and groups to conveniently work with collections of entities. »
  • Use entity instances to quantify chemicals, foods, and other entities by properties such as mass, volume, and substance amount. »
  • Construct and efficiently compute with implicitly defined entity classes based on a variety of selection criteria. »
  • Use implicitly defined entity classes to select entities by ranked property values such as largest and smallest. »
  • Access random subsets of entities. »
  • Use new entity stores to create, modify, and share custom user-defined entities and properties. »
  • Refine and restrict the processing of natural language using powerful enhancements to the interpreter framework. »
  • Employ many new interpreter domains to convert natural language to structured objects in the Wolfram Knowledgebase. »
  • Access and use temporal real-world data such as weather forecasts. »

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