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HDF5 Updates

HDF5 is a widely used file format for storing hierarchically structured scientific data. Import of "HDF5" files has been significantly updated and now provides more immediately usable structured data. In addition, Export has been updated with more options, ability to efficiently append to an existing file and more.

The "Summary" import element provides general information about a file.

The "StructureGraph" and "StructureGraphLegend" import elements show the structure of the file, showing groups, datasets, named data types and their links.

Import data from a specific dataset.

The "RawData" import element returns the most compact data representation as a NumericArray object.

HDF5 export has also significantly improved. To begin with updates, Export now accepts new data types such as Association and NumericArray.

You can export datasets, attributes, groups and data types.

HDF5 export can also append objects to existing files.

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