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  • Automates generation and deployment of microcontroller code.
  • Supports several target boards and microcontrollers. »
  • Enables a model-based design workflow.
  • Generates real-time code. »
  • Provides the flexibility to override automatic settings. »
  • Enables integration of external library code. »
  • Provides hooks to access source code and other properties. »
  • Reduces project development time.
  • Supports digital output, such as LED output. »
  • Supports pulse generation, such as buzzer output. »
  • Supports pulse counts, such as encoder reading. »
  • Supports PWM analog output, such as motor output. »
  • Supports analog input, such as potentiometer reading. »
  • Supports serial (RS-232) input and output. »
  • Supports Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) input and output. »
  • Supports Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) input and output. »

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