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HIL Simulation of a Quarter-Car Suspension Model

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation is a useful development tool when testing the actual physical system is risky, expensive or not an option. In HIL simulation, a model of the physical system is simulated in real time.

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In this example, the model of a quarter-car suspension system is discretized and deployed to an Adafruit Metro Mini. A joystick connected to pin A3 of the board will be used to specify the reference road input to the HIL simulation running on the board. Finally, the real-time response of the system will be visualized using data obtained through the device framework.

The free-body diagram of the system.

The parameters.

The model with the as input and , and as outputs.

Discretize the model.

The joystick reads a value from 0V to 4.85V, with the default reading of 2.44V. Rescale the values to get the reference input of unit to 1 unit.

The model of the joystick.

The complete system with the joystick as input and , and as outputs.

The microcontroller specification with the input coming from analog pin A3 and the outputs transmitted over serial.

Deploy the model.

Open a serial connection to the HIL simulation.

Submit a task to read and parse the data.

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The results of the HIL simulation.

Remove the task and close the device.

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