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Supported Systems Models

A microcontroller is essentially an input-output device that reads inputs, performs computations and sends out outputs. The various systems models are a natural framework to describe the input-output structure and the computations. These include discrete-time TransferFunctionModel, StateSpaceModel, AffineStateSpaceModel, NonlinearStateSpaceModel and SystemsConnectionsModel. They can be used to describe filters, controllers and other input-output models for signal processing, controller design, modeling and data acquisition.

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A TransferFunctionModel can be used to describe linear systems like an integrator.

Deploy the integrator.

The corresponding StateSpaceModel.

Deploy the state-space realization of the integrator.

The code footprint of the state-space realization is typically smaller.

An AffineStateSpaceModel can describe a system that is only input linear but not linear in the states. This is useful to describe nonlinear estimators, controllers based on a linear observer and nonlinear state feedback or models for HIL simulation. The model of a nonlinear estimator. »

It is input linear.

Deploy the estimator.

A NonlinearStateSpaceModel can describe a system that is nonlinear in the inputs as well. A nonlinear state feedback controller. »

Deploy the controller.

A SystemsConnectionsModel can describe a system of connected systems.

The components of the controller.

Deploy the controller.

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