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Add Properties to the Hyperbolic Function Class

EntityFunction is a new type of property of entities: Its value is defined by a computation; it can be used like any other EntityProperty. ExtendedEntityClass allows attaching such a property to entities.

The entity domain "MathematicalFunction" contains hundreds of thousands of identities for mathematical functions.

Here are a few examples.

The domain has many entity classes; here are the six hyperbolic functions.

Using new functions from the entity framework (concretely the function ExtendedEntityClass), one can add new properties to existing entity classes. The following input adds four new properties to the hyperbolic functions: a simple hypergeometric representation, a plot sketch, and the simplest ODE.

show complete Wolfram Language input

The new properties can be used and property values extracted like any built-in property. Start with the simple plots.

Show the simple hypergeometric representations.

Show the simple differential equations.

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