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What Is the Wolfram Language?
In this book, youll see how to use the Wolfram Language to do a great many things. Youll learn how to think computationally about what you want to do, and how to communicate it to a computer using the Wolfram Language.
Its designed to make it as easy as possible to describe what you want, making use of huge amounts of knowledge that are built into the language. And the crucial thing is that when you use the Wolfram Language to ask for something, the computer immediately knows what you mean, and then can actually do what you want.
I view the Wolfram Language as an optimized tool for turning ideas into reality. You start with an idea of something you want to do. You formulate the idea in computational terms, then you express it in the Wolfram Language. Then its up to the Wolfram Language to do it as automatically as possible.
You can make things that are visual, textual, interactive or whatever. You can do analyses or figure things out. You can create apps and programs and websites. You can take a very wide variety of ideas and implement themon your computer, on the web, on a phone, on tiny embedded devices and more.
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