A Solver Engine for Global-Local Nonlinear Optimization in Mathematica
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1. Licensing Agreement

The MathOptimizer software product and its documentation are developed and maintained by Pintér Consulting Services, Inc. (PCS). MathOptimizer is a trademark of PCS. MathOptimizer and its documentation—including all files distributed as part of the MathOptimizer product delivery—may not be changed or modified in any way, except by PCS.

Regardless of how a copy of MathOptimizer is obtained, it is requested that all MathOptimizer users comply with the licensing and registration provisions if they use the software.

Without a license issued by PCS, no part of the MathOptimizer software or its documentation may be stored, reproduced, transmitted, transferred or used in any form or by any means, by any information storage and retrieval system or process.

It is specifically prohibited to apply reverse engineering or any other form of program structure analysis to the MathOptimizer software that is provided in compiled form to its users.

Registered MathOptimizer users are granted permission to use all information provided by the User's Guide, and to apply the software in their own work, without any restriction, in accordance with the (commercial or noncommercial) license type granted by PCS.

If MathOptimizer is used as part of a new software application, then its users are requested to maintain all MathOptimizer-related copyright information displayed in that application. The MathOptimizer software cannot be made part of any standalone user application that is further distributed without making appropriate licensing arrangements with PCS.

2. Limited Warranty and Disclaimer

PCS guarantees that all shipped MathOptimizer copies are free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use and service for a period of 90 days. The functionality of the MathOptimizer product is fully guaranteed to the extent of specific details and examples, exactly as described by its documentation.

PCS reserves the right to revise the MathOptimizer software and its documentation, with no obligations to notify any person or organization of such revision. Information updates will be provided upon request.

The MathOptimizer product is distributed "as is." Pintér Consulting Services specifically disclaims all warranties—express or implied—related to the merchantability and fitness of MathOptimizer for a particular purpose or application use. In no event shall PCS be liable for loss of profit, commercial, business-related or any other damage—including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential or any other explicit and implied damages—as a consequence of using, or inability to use, the MathOptimizer software product and its documentation.

3. Product Replacement and Returns

Electronic MathOptimizer deliveries are offered free of shipping and handling (S&H) charges.

PCS offers replacement of the MathOptimizer product if it arrives in unusable form due to damage caused during its shipment. Only S&H charges apply in such cases of replacement. Please send product replacement requests in writing, and return the damaged product.

Product returns are accepted within 30 days from the day of shipment to users, with a full refund, except S&H charges that apply in such cases. Return expenses are also to be covered by the user. All returned items have to be in resalable (as if brand-new) condition. A written explanation regarding the reason for return is requested; we will make every reasonable effort to keep all MathOptimizer users satisfied.

4. Product Upgrades

We continue to add features to MathOptimizer at our discretion, based also on customer requests. Licensed users are offered the opportunity to acquire upgrades, at a full discount (deduction) of the price already paid. Upgrade and S&H charges will be payable, waiving S&H charges for free electronic deliveries.

5. Technical Support and Additional Services

All registered users of MathOptimizer are entitled to free technical support to the extent of verifying successful software installation and basic tests exactly as described in the MathOptimizer documentation. Fee-based consulting services are offered to MathOptimizer users who request model development and solution assistance. Please note that email is the preferred method of communication; we may charge additional fees at our discretion for other ways of direct communication (telephone, Skype).

Present and prospective MathOptimizer users are encouraged to contact Pintér Consulting Services, should they wish to discuss specific applicability issues, and possibilities of research and/or commercial cooperation. All constructive suggestions and comments are appreciated; test models and application examples are also welcome.

Workshops, training courses and consulting services are also offered in relation to optimization, specifically including the use of MathOptimizer, as well as regarding the use of other modeling and optimization software tools. PCS actively cooperates with a high-quality team of experts, and we can offer a broad range of development and consulting services, on an as-needed basis. Please contact us for further information.

Thank you for your attention.


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