Personal License Support—Terms of Service


Effective Date: December 21, 2022


Your Personal License Support gives You the opportunity to maximize the value of Your Wolfram Products. These Terms of Service outline which services You can expect, what the limitations are and what We require from You.


  1. We/Us/Our: Wolfram Research, Inc., represented by Wolfram Technical Support team members
  2. You/Your: Wolfram Product license holder or subscriber
  3. Wolfram Technical Support: The team at Wolfram Research, Inc. or any of its members in charge of providing the services defined in this document
  4. Wolfram Product: See the FAQ page
  5. Supported Version: See the FAQ page
  6. Wolfram Technical Support Business Hours: Every Monday–Thursday, 8am–5pm US CT, and Friday, 8–10am and 11am–5pm US CT, except on company holidays
  7. Wolfram Technology: Any functionality of a Wolfram Product You are entitled to use with its purchase
  8. Documented Technology: Wolfram Product functionality that is described in its in-product documentation or on any publicly accessible webpage
  9. Technical Question: Any question on the programmatic, algorithmic, mathematical or other technical capabilities of a Wolfram Product
  10. Wolfram Support Website:
  11. Activation Key: A 14-character alphanumeric string given to Your desktop Wolfram Product to help identify the specifics of Your license contract to said Wolfram Product
  12. Wolfram ID: The email address by which You are identified by Wolfram Research, Inc. and that You use to access any Wolfram Products, systems and/or services
  13. Support Case: The entirety of all Your communication with Wolfram Technical Support on one specific problem or question; a new Support Case is created when You submit a new support request or when You contact Wolfram Technical Support for the first time
  14. Case Number: The integer number provided to You by Wolfram Technical Support during Your first contact or soon after submitting Your request that is used to identify Your Support Case in all mutual communication

Technical Support Services

During Your Personal License Service agreement period, Wolfram Technical Support will make commercially reasonable efforts to:

  1. answer Your Technical Questions on Supported Versions of Wolfram Products and Documented Technologies;
  2. suggest solution sketches on how to apply or improve the use of Supported Versions of Wolfram Products and Documented Technologies to Your challenges;
  3. as needed and possible, identify and communicate to You alternative approaches to using Wolfram Technologies for achieving Your goals;
  4. help You set up Your Wolfram Product on Your machine(s) and interface it with Your computational environment;
  5. understand, reproduce and communicate to developers any Wolfram Product issue You are encountering;
  6. understand and communicate to developers Your suggestions on how to improve Wolfram Technologies and Products; and
  7. create and maintain self-help documents, publicly accessible on the Wolfram Support Website.

Your Responsibilities

  1. To submit a Technical Support request, You need to contact Wolfram Technical Support via webform.
  2. To help identify You and establish Your eligibility for Personal License Support Services when contacting Wolfram Technical Support, You need to provide:
    1. Your full name,
    2. Your email address,
  3. as well as either:
    1. Your Wolfram Product's Activation Key if You purchased a product license, or
    2. Your personal Wolfram ID if You subscribed to a Wolfram Product.
  1. You commit Yourself to, to the best of Your abilities:
    1. communicating clearly and respectfully at all times;
    2. describing Your topic and question concisely and precisely, to the extent possible;
    3. submitting a separate support request for each problem or question;
    4. providing all information necessary to understand and reproduce Your problem, such as, but not limited to, user steps, code, input files, input data or similar;
    5. providing access to all systems or resources necessary to understand and reproduce Your problem, if reasonably possible;
    6. simplifying Your problem as much as possible before submitting Your request;
    7. including Your Case Number in all follow-up communication;
    8. responding to Our follow-up questions and answering them to the best of Your abilities;
    9. following any instructions needed to collect further information on Your problem or system;
    10. trying out or implementing in a timely manner any solution suggestion We offer;
    11. communicating Your findings to Us;
    12. informing Us if Your question has been answered to Your satisfaction;
    13. informing the team member assigned to Your Support Case if You want a supervisor to review the case; and
    14. protecting Your confidential information at all times while communicating.

Request Processing

  1. We will strive to keep all Your information confidential. We may share Support Case details with affiliates, partners, service providers, authorized resellers and distributors, and relevant third parties as needed in order to efficiently work Your request.
  2. At Our discretion, We assign a Wolfram Technical Support member to work Your support request. We reserve the right to reassign Your request to a different team member at any time and for any reason.
  3. We will work Your request and communicate with You by email during Wolfram Technical Support Business Hours.
  4. We strive to follow up on Your request within five (5) Wolfram Technical Support business days.
  5. We retain the copyright of and reserve the right to reuse in any way any information or deliverable We share with You, such as, but not limited to, code samples, solution approaches or software tools.
  6. We accept support requests in and communicate with You in English. For support in Your native language, please contact a Wolfram sales partner in Your country.


  1. Our reply to Your support request is Our best-faith effort to address Your questions. We cannot guarantee being able to provide a solution to Your problem or that any provided solution is entirely correct or complete.
  2. Under no conditions whatsoever is Wolfram Research, Inc. or any associated entity responsible for any real or perceived damage from providing, not providing or only partially providing any part of Our Personal License Support Services.
  3. We will not be responsible for any real or perceived damage from You sharing or not sharing any information or resources with Us.
  4. We will not:
    1. troubleshoot extensive source code,
    2. directly apply or implement fixes to Your source code,
    3. design and/or develop complex software, or
    4. work on any projects that require in-depth understanding of the same or domain knowledge of Your field.
  1. Our Technical Consulting teams will be glad to provide such services at additional charge.
  2. We will not answer questions about or troubleshoot code that contains undocumented product features.
  3. We cannot guarantee that the problem You may have identified could or will be addressed immediately or at any later time.