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Limited use of material for academic research and teaching is permitted, providing conventional citation standards are followed. Access to the MathWorld website will be blocked to subnets violating these terms. Indiscriminant use of prefetching results in bandwidth degredation for other MathWorld users and may violate the above proscription against bulk downloading. Since excessive use of prefetching has resulted in extensive imposition of blocking, MathWorld now denies access to prefetching software and browsers. To re-enable access, you can simply turn off prefetching in your browser.

Contributions are welcome. All contributions will be reviewed for correctness and suitability, and may be edited for content and/or presentation. Material should be specific, concise, verifiable, and preferably useful and interesting. Every attempt will be made to recognize contributors for their assistance and to identify contributed entries on the MathWorld website.

When making a submission, unless you request otherwise, you are granting non-exclusive permission to include contributed material (or edited versions thereof) in MathWorld, as well as in any derivative works in any medium, including but not limited to book form or CD-ROM as further indicated in the permission form. Please see the FAQ on contributing for additional details about the formatting and submission of contributed material.

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