Enhanced Sound and Signal Processing

Version 10 expands signal processing capabilities with new functionality and deeper integration. Signal processing functions now automatically work with time series and sound signals, making it easy to analyze real-life data widely available from file imports, connected devices, external services, etc. Major new additions include multiresolution peak analysis and advanced array resampling.

  • Optimized downsampling and upsampling of data arrays using various resampling kernels. »
  • Peak analysis capabilities, including peak detection and baseline estimation. »
  • Systemwide support for working with time series. »
  • Data retrieval from external devices and services.
  • Extended support for use of units and quantity objects.
  • Comprehensive support for direct filtering and analysis of sound objects. »
  • Sample rate conversions using resampling of sampled data. »
  • Support for importing and exporting MP3 files. »
  • Support for importing and exporting Ogg Vorbis files. »
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