New in Mathematica 9

Context-Sensitive Input Assistant

The Input Assistant will help you automatically complete code, discover functions and options, and reduce oversights and typographical errors while coding. Experts will appreciate familiar concepts like auto-completion, code templates, and dynamic highlighting, while beginners will benefit from quick documentation access for any function and visualizations to better understand the structure of Mathematica's code.

  • Get intelligent recommendations based on the surrounding code.
  • Input Assistant will learn from your programming habits and improve its suggestions with time.
  • Color-coded suggestions for functions, system variables, and user-defined variables.
  • Recall functions with ease. Type just a few characters to generate a list of possible matches and continue refining until you find what you need.
  • Enable or disable suggestions and customize the delay time.
  • Inline option templates let you quickly specify options for the chosen function.
  • Build complex code quickly with fewer errors by following inline function templates.
  • Direct links to function documentation.
  • Access all Input Assistant features with either the keyboard or mouse.
  • Visualize your code structure at a glance with dynamic highlighting.
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