New in Mathematica 9

Enhanced Core Algorithms

Mathematica 9 adds a large number of improvements to existing functionality, as well as a smaller amount of new functionality. There are new special functions, such as real-valued algebraic functions from elementary calculus and Mittag-Leffler's E function from fractional calculus. Matrix functions are supplied for all of Mathematica's special functions and combinations. Numerous performance and scope improvements across the system have been added.

  • New real-valued cube root and surd functions.
  • New Erlang B and C functions for capacity planning of queueing systems.
  • New fractional calculus function: Mittag-Leffler's E function.
  • Support for numeric, exact, and symbolic matrix functions.
  • New graph-based algorithms for sparse exact and symbolic linear algebra.
  • New high-performance algorithms for polynomial operations.
  • New compact algebraic number representation for triangular polynomial systems.
  • Ability to work large memory arrays and expressions only limited by 64-bit addressing.
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