New in Mathematica 9


Mathematica 9's new built-in legends can be invoked with a single, simple option that automatically incorporates the necessary styles into the legend. New legend functions leverage Mathematica's powerful typesetting language to create legends with any style, layout, or appearance, and allow them to be added to arbitrary content, such as tables and images.

  • Everything can be legended and anything can be a legend. »
  • Legend specific datasets. »
  • Highly automated legends that match styles with labels and colors with values. »
  • Highly polished built-in legends for lines, curves, swatches, markers, and gradients. »
  • Automatic legend is supported in all kinds of plots throughout the system.
  • Add an overall label to a legend. »
  • Use multiple legends. »
  • Use units as legend labels for gradient legends.
  • Legends can be used on non-graphical objects.
  • Combine a legended plot with another plot.
  • Create a legend easily, from built-in automatic legends to highly customized legends or something in between.
  • Put legends anywhere outside or inside the graphics.
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