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Pricing for Students

Mathematica licensing for nonprofessional use by students.

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Mathematica    Desktop + Cloud

Best Value Annual Plan

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  • Latest version of Wolfram Language
  • Two activation keys, upgrades and cloud access
  • Installation and activation support*

Prepaid four-year license

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Semester plan

6-month license for your current classes
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Monthly Plan

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  • Lastest version of the Wolfram Language
  • Two activation keys, upgrades and cloud access
  • Installation and activation support*

Additional Plan Details

  • 4 compute kernels per desktop installation
  • 6,000 Wolfram|Alpha API calls per month
  • 2 GB cloud storage
  • 1 GB cloud file size limit
  • 5 mins cloud computation time limit
  • 1 GB cloud session memory limit
  • 20,000 Cloud Credits (additional credits can be purchased each month)

Eligibility & FAQ

Questions? Contact Us

Will my subscription renew automatically?

All subscriptions purchased online are set to automatically renew. If at any time you would like to cancel your subscription, you can go to your Wolfram Account to stop future billing or contact Wolfram Customer Support.

What will my renewal price be?

Your estimated renewal price is displayed during checkout and is subject to change. You will be notified of any price increases or decreases at least 30 days prior to renewal.

Am I eligible for a Mathematica Student subscription?

Mathematica Student subscriptions are available to part-time or full-time primary and secondary students and students working toward an associate's, bachelor's, master's, doctoral or equivalent degree at an accredited educational institution or approved homeschool location. It is also available to part-time, non-degree-seeking students if required for a class. Mathematica may only be installed on the student's own personal computer and registered to the student.

Proof of enrollment is required.

How do I prove my student status?

You can verify your student status using any of the following methods:

  • Provide a URL from your institution's public webpage or web directory that proves your student status
  • Attach or send an email with a copy of your dated student ID, registration receipt, class schedule, school bill or state-issued homeschool program registration

You may submit your proof of student status when you purchase your product, or send the information within two weeks of your purchase.

For questions about student status, contact us.

How long can I use my Mathematica Student subscription?

The length of plan you purchase dictates how long it can be used. With this restriction, you can only continue using Mathematica Student for as long as you are a student and still considered eligible.

Can I install Mathematica on multiple machines?

Each Mathematica Student subscription allows you to install the product on up to two personally owned machines, or a single dual-boot system.

Your Mathematica Student subscription also includes cloud access, which doesn't require a local installation—so you can sign in from anywhere and on any internet-enabled computer or mobile device through a web browser or the Wolfram Cloud app. The software licensing restricts you from accessing the product in the cloud from more than one machine at a time.

Can I continue using my Mathematica Student subscription after I graduate?

After graduation, we recommend that you join the Wolfram Early Professionals Program, where you'll receive a free, six-month Mathematica Early Professionals License, so you can continue using Mathematica for both professional and personal use.

You also have the option to immediately convert your Mathematica Student subscription to a professional license. Wolfram offers a significant discount to students transitioning from personal to professional use. Contact us for details.

I have a license for Mathematica desktop only. How can I upgrade to this new auto-renewing subscription?

If you have an annual license that has expired or is expiring soon, you can follow the link above to buy.

If you have a current student license or a student annual license that is still active, contact us.

Can I buy a Mathematica Student subscription for a student?

Yes. A Mathematica Student subscription can be gifted to a student by an individual (friend/family) by contacting us.

At the time of purchase, you must provide the name and email address of the student owner, and provide valid proof of student status for that student. The subscription must be registered to the student, and Mathematica must be installed on their personal computer. All communication regarding the subscription will be sent directly to the student, who owns the rights to and benefits of the subscription.

Mathematica Student subscriptions cannot be gifted to students by an organization, except with prior written approval from Wolfram Research.

How is a Mathematica Student subscription different from the professional version of Mathematica?

Mathematica Student subscriptions include all of the functionality found in the professional version. Below is a list of minor differences:

  • Wolfram Notebooks created within Mathematica Student include a "Mathematica Student Edition" banner
  • Mathematica Student subscriptions are only authorized for use by students on personally owned computers for nonprofessional purposes
  • Mathematica Student installed on the desktop utilizes up to four cores on a multicore machine; professional licenses utilize up to eight cores

I am a faculty member. Can I purchase and use a Mathematica Student subscription for teaching or academic research?

No, but significant discounts are available for educational licenses.