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Mathematica Link for Excel consists of two main components, the ExcelLink package and the MathematicaLink add-in. These components work together to provide full two-way connectivity between Mathematica and Excel.

ExcelLink Features

  • A suite of Mathematica functions that allow you to:
    • Read and write data to Excel ranges
    • Display graphics, typeset equations and formatted output in Excel
    • Create customized Excel import and export routines
    • Develop Excel functions and macros in Mathematica
  • A special clipboard window that allows you to easily copy and paste data between Mathematica and Excel
  • Integrated documentation in the Mathematica Help Browser

MathematicaLink Features

  • A set of worksheet functions that allow you to use Mathematica functions in Excel formulas
  • A Mathematica function wizard to help you learn about and enter Mathematica functions
  • A Mathematica macros window that allows you to turn Mathematica code into Excel macros