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Features: ExcelLink

The ExcelLink component of Mathematica Link for Excel lets Mathematica users efficiently exchange data between Excel and Mathematica, and easily create Excel interfaces for Mathematica-based applications. To use ExcelLink from Mathematica, simply load the ExcelLink package.


ExcelLink provides over 50 functions that allow you to access Excel functionality directly from within Mathematica.

Display several of the new suite of Excel functions.


ExcelLink helps create a seamless working environment between Mathematica and Excel to perform sophisticated data analysis and visualization.

Read and write data to open Excel workbooks directly from within Mathematica.


Automated updates to Excel workbooks from within Mathematica enable you to build powerful modular applications using Mathematica Link for Excel.

Automatically open, modify, save and close existing Excel workbooks.


Intelligent clipboard functionality allows you to easily move data from Mathematica to Excel, and vice versa.

Use the clipboard to copy and paste data between programs.