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Mechanical Expressions 1.0

An Interactive Symbolic Mechanics Companion to Mathematica

Mechanical Expressions Mathematica 10 compatible Mechanical Expressions is a symbolic mechanics program. Create a model; specify the geometry using symbolic constraints; add velocities, masses, and force elements; and then extract mathematical expressions for output velocities, accelerations, and forces. Copy expressions for input into Mathematica, or copy them as Tex, MathML, or computer source code (in nine languages). Or, create an HTML5/JavaScript app, allowing you to communicate your design intent as an interactive, single-file web page that you can email to your colleagues or post on your website.

Key Features

  • Mechanics functionality
  • Constraint-based symbolic geometry
  • Sketch-based user interface
  • Full animation
  • Locus and envelope computation
  • Symbolic computation of parameters such as distance, angle, area, coordinates, slope, and radius
  • Symbolic computation of implicit and explicit equations for loci
  • Automatic JavaScript/HTML browser app and dashboard widget generation
  • Native Mathematica and MathML export capabilities
  • Import Mathematica expressions using copy and paste

About the Developer

Saltire Software was founded in 1989 as a spin-off from Tektronix Computer Research Lab. Its award-winning Analytix product line features constraint-based mechanism design, synthesis, and analysis. Saltire has since developed mathematical software for leading calculator companies, and a category-leading optimization package for the floor-covering industry.

Mechanical Expressions is Saltire's latest release. It's the expanded version of Geometry Expressions to include mechanic functionality.

Product Support

Mechanical Expressions is developed and supported by Saltire Software.

Saltire Software
12700 SW Hall Blvd
Tigard, Oregon 97223

Mechanical Expressions is available for Windows and requires Mathematica 6 or greater.

Mechanical Expressions 1.0 is © 2010–2015 Saltire Software.