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Aerospace & Defense

Model and test complex systems such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), space robotics, and aircraft dynamics. System Modeler enables system- and component-level design and continuous testing and verification.

Aircraft Catapult: Model Launch Mechanism

An aircraft carrier has a hydraulic aircraft catapult to accelerate aircraft to a high speed in a short distance. The hydraulic catapult and mechanical components of the aircraft and carrier interact with logical control systems.

Model with Real-World Topology

Connections between model components, such as the carrier, catapult, and control logic, mirror the real-world interactions between the corresponding objects and subsystems.

Mechanics and Custom Components

Model the aircraft with the built-in mechanics library and custom-built components.

Acceleration, velocity, and position of the aircraft during launch

Logical and State Graph Libraries

Combine logical and state graph components to control the launch sequence of the catapult.